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Our Garden Center, La Misere Exotics, is located at the top of the mountain at La Misere.  La Misere is among the smaller cities of Seychelles, an island country that overlooks the Indian ocean. This beautiful city stands at a an altitude of 1856 feet and 565 meters.  Approximate distance in miles from Victoria Seychelles to La Misere Seychelles in a straight line is 4 miles or 6.44 Kilometers. 

The cool mountain air makes for a great environment to grow a number of tropical varieties that one can find being used in our flower shop.  Walking  through the garden you will see the variety of tropical flowers, orchids used in the Shop.  You may even see or hear the tranquil sounds of birds on your journey.  Remember to stop by  the Garden Center Café for a refreshment as you sit on the veranda of the cafe looking out to the lush gardens . Ask about us at your hotel concierge for details. ​  

Our Garden Center